Ancient Aliens, New Beings

For years humans have asked questions such as, is there life on other planets?  Are we alone in this expansive galaxy?  Are UFO sightings real?  Why is the government so secretive when it comes to sightings?   There are individuals who report being abducted and experimented on.  Military pilots, teachers, doctors and people from all walks of life have seen things they cannot explain.  Countless television shows and movies that Hollywood term as pure fiction have grossed millions of dollars over the years.  As we’ve advanced as a society, those fictional movies don’t seem so fictional anymore.

Documentaries such as The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”, which is accessible on Netflix, is based on factual evidence on stone tablets from ancient societies as well as eyewitness testimony.  Several experts in the fields of technologies of all types are interviewed and asked to give their take on things such as the laser precision cuts on stone monoliths, heat sealed stone walls and of course the means by which our ancestors the Egiptians constructed the great pyramids of Giza.

Programs such as this are now common as to the subject of alien life and its involvement with Earth.  But why now?  Well with newer technologies and more sophisticated equipment, society has been advanced to be able to accept new knowledge.  When it was first said that stealth technology was the result reverse engineering from crafts that crashed in Roswell, most discounted this as the rantings of conspiracy theorists and mentally unstable people.

Today, however, science and technology are advancing at such an exponential rate that the involvement of extraterrestrials has become an entire branch of science itself.  I find it very ironic and a bit comical that these “discoveries” being made were already covered and explained by The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Zodok Kobina York long before the technologies of these sciences of today were even invented.

There are great stone monoliths, pyramids, and temples built all over this planet.  Not to mention the Nazca lines, crop circles, and pictures of animals and humanoids of all types that can only be seen from an aerial view.  Dr. York wrote about these things and answered questions about them for many years.  He taught about the genetic breeding and the different star systems that beings came from for different reasons.  Doctors to this day cannot account for certain genes we have so they term it junk DNA.

There are beings he spoke about in Paa Taraq “I Was There, Which Is Here pt.2” from Aldebaran who came to the far east and south which is modern day India.  To the west and south which is now called South America came beings from the Pleiades who built structures to their own, as well as in Turkey.  In the far east called China, today were beings from Andromeda.  In the areas known as Mesopotamia and Persia came beings from Drago called Annunaqi.  All bringing with them technologies of their star systems, recording the events on stone tablets and genetically breeding.

This also took place in Afaf-Rayay-Kaa, “Africa”.  To us came beings from Orion and Sirius.  Our pyramids’ and the Sphinx’s alignment with these celestial bodies attest to our ancestors the Egiptians‘ supreme science and knowledge of the stars and their movements as well as how magnetic fields work to levitate objects.  As ancient Egiptians are the oldest civilization and original race, so too are the stories recorded on the walls there.  These “mysteries” are OURstories or MYstories.

The people, places, and events are all part of our scientific doctrine, Wu-Nuwaup which includes our original tonal language, Nuwaupic, taught by Dr. York.  He named us Nuwaupians, we live our doctrine by studying and applying what he explains in his many works.  No so-called expert, teacher or Egyptologist comes close to the detail and love in which the Master Teacher explains the who, what, when, how, where and why.  How does he know these things?  He was there, which is here.

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