Do Nuwaupians Worship Dr. York?

Dr. Malachi K. Z. York, aka as Dr. York, is a great African leader known throughout the world for his hundreds of books he has written and his lectures that have been circulating since the 70’s in video and audio format.  Dr. York has founded many communities since his introduction to the Black community all leading up to what Dr. York terms those who accept the teachings as Nuwaupians.  But do those who say they are Nuwaupians worship Dr. York?

What brought about this question is what I have witnessed in the media during the month of June, 2012.  There was a celebration in England for Queen Elizabeth’s 60th year of being on the throne.  As I watched, I witnessed the entire country as well as different parts of the world acknowledge the Queen (a word used for prostitutes) in a grand, iconic celebration.  I have no problem with that.  If that is your Queen, so be it.

But who made her Queen? And as Queen, what has she done significantly for ANYONE outside of her “royal” family?  The entire country celebrated her reign on the throne.  Do they worship her?  Do they see her as somewhat of a God send?  Do they see her as royalty or divine?  By what rite or benefit does she deserve this grand celebration?  By merely being born with no significant works?

This brings me back to my point.  People treat the Queen with great reverence and respect.  Is that considered worship?  People who have never met the Queen, have never seen her in person, have never touched her hand, and in turn she has never done anything significant in their lives yet she is treated almost as a deity on earth.  Why doesn’t Dr. York deserve the same or even greater respect???

I have seen the works of Dr. York firsthand; not just in my life but in the life of all those who proudly claim the title “Nuwaupian”.  Dr. York has changed my life for the better with his inspirational books and classes.  I have learned a great deal from this divine man.  But the problem is, as Dr. York explained himself, his freckles are too close.  He is too dark for people to acknowledge his greatness.  If he was Caucasian, they would have him in some University or on television teaching.  But because he is an African advocating African ways and principals, to acknowledge his divinity is blasphemous, evil, cultish, crazy, “brain washed” (don’t you want a clean brain!), and all the other derogatory terms they use to describe a student of Dr. York.

I can believe that a Caucasian man who was conceived by a ghost, lived for 33 years, was hung on a cross, died and was resurrected three days later only to leave and will return one day soon to return his people to the kingdom of God.  If I do that I am cool.  I can believe some Arab man met an angel in a cave who gave him a book he couldn’t read.  Over the course of 22 years he received chapters from this angel but these chapters were not put into a book form until after the Arab man died so there is no original that the Arab ever saw.  If I believe in the words of the book that the Arab man never saw to confirm that it is accurate, I am cool.

I can believe that a Hebrew boy was placed in a river and found by an Egyptian woman. This boy was raised as an Egyptian but lead a group of at least 600,000 Hebrew people out of Egypt.  These 600,000 or so people who traveled on foot were chased by Egyptians, who were known historically to have horses and chariots, to the Red Sea.  The god of the Hebrew people parted the sea allowing all 600,000 or so Hebrews to cross but drowned the Egyptian soldiers who were trapped as the water from the Red Sea was restored to its normal levels.  If I believe this, I am all good.

But if I say I am a Nuwaupian, I acknowledge Dr. York as God in the flesh, I don’t believe any of the white-washed religious stories, then I am a cult member, I worship Dr. York, etc.  If I acknowledge the miracles I have witnessed by Dr. York or the miracles that other Nuwaupians have seen from Dr. York, I am a cult member.  If I worship Dr. York, I am committing a sin.

If the Queen of England is worthy of praise, Dr. York is definitely worthy of praise.  If the Jesus of Revelation, who no one can concretely confirm ever existed, is worthy of praise, Dr. York is most definitely worthy of praise.  If the Prophet Muhammad, who brought the world ONE book called the Koran is worthy of praise, then Dr. York is more than worthy of praise for the hundreds of books he has written including the Holy Tablets, The Actual Facts and Paa Taraq.

If someone says to me that I worship Dr. York, my response is so what!  I don’t overstand how it is acceptable to worship unconfirmed things like God, Allah, Jesus, Yahweh, but what is real and right before your eyes, what actually is responsible for your growth and development is considered bad or evil to acknowledge and give reverence to.  You can praise the Queen of England who has done nothing for you and that’s okay.  I am a Nuwaupian and I give praise to all the great works I have seen with my own eyes by Dr. Malachi York.  I, along with the other Nuwaupians,  acknowledge him as my Master Teacher and Spiritual Guide whether you agree or not!

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