God Has You Fooled

Painting of God and Adam in the Sistene Chapel

The God you worship in the Bible isn’t the God you think he is.  God is a fictitious character made in the hearts and minds of the authors of the scriptures.  I would like to quote one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Malachi Z K York:

The Biblical and Koranic concepts of God were created in the hearts and minds of their authors.  As the authors became authentic, their documents became authentic.  Within the pages of their documents called scriptures, God was born.

As you read the scriptures and really analyze the God concept you were given, you will see that this statement by Dr. York is so true.  This God that we read about doesn’t equal the God that we are taught about.  What do I mean?

Know this, Genesis chapter one is talking about a group of beings.  This is why it says “Let us…” and “our…” in Genesis 1:26.  Once you get to chapter 2, you are then talking about one of the group.  Now this one being has a conversation with Adam.  He tells Adam that he can eat from all the trees in the garden except for the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

You have probably read or heard this hundreds of times.  But did you really think about it?  If the tree gave you knowledge of good and evil, then Adam didn’t know what good or evil was!  He was like a toddler.  A toddler doesn’t know that the stove is hot or the socket is dangerous.  They have no knowledge of such things.

So God makes Adam a woman.  They are placed in the garden and along comes the serpent, the slickest out of all the beasts of the field.  He has the gift of gab.  I mean, he’s a talking snake!  The serpent talks Eve into eating of the tree.  She convinces Adam.  God finds out and punishes not only them, but every person born from their seed.

They were set up!  There is no way they could have known what they were doing was wrong.  They had no knowledge of good or evil until they ate from the tree.  Again, they were like toddlers who don’t understand consequences.  Not to mention the serpent who was like a mischievous older sibling encouraging them to disobey his parents.  Do you see how crazy this story sounds?

You are supposed to accept that this all-knowing God didn’t know Adam and Eve were going to eat from the tree after being convinced by the serpent?  That doesn’t make sense.  What’s the point?  Why put them through all of this knowing the outcome?  Would you put your children in a situation knowing they would fail?  Would you place your toddler in a position to be hurt?  Would you let them play in the kitchen knowing the stove is hot?  No, because you know they don’t know any better.

Adam and Eve didn’t know any better.  They didn’t know that eating from the tree and disobeying God was evil because they didn’t have the knowledge of good and evil.  God knew this.  Why punish them and everyone after them?  It makes no sense.

The God you have been taught to worship isn’t who you thought he was.  Only a sick parent would ask his children to do something that they knew the children couldn’t do, and then punish them severely for it.  I hope you can see clearly that this is not an all loving God.

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