God, Jesus of Revelation or Nature

What is more important, God, Jesus of Revelation or nature?  I ask this simple question after pondering on why people need religion in the first place.  To me, religion is a crutch.  People lean on God, Allah, Jesus of Revelation, or whatever name you chose to call on for your spiritual guidance.

But back to the question; is not nature more important?  Think of this.  How long can you live without oxygen?  Ask that to a person who has choked on a chicken bone or has had a stroke.  A stroke is when the blood supply to the brain is somehow blocked causing cells in the brain to die because of lack of oxygen.  This lack of oxygen is called cerebral hypoxia.  Some people suffer temporary and/or permanent loss of bodily function.  You can become a vegetable, unresponsive to any physical stimuli.  To forsake argument, it is very likely a person cannot survive more than ten minutes without oxygen.

Can you survive without God for more than 10 minutes?  Of course you can.  What’s funny is that God causes more death than life.  Throughout history, most wars are fought because of differences of gods and religions.  Why do we need God again?

People who acknowledge the Jesus of Revelation will call a person who worships the sun an idolater or a heathen.  How long can you live without the sun?  The average global temperature would drop to 0oF in a week.  In a year the average temperature would drop to -100oF.  I wonder if the love of God would heat your home then.  I think not.  All photosynthesis on the planet would stop making the planet less dense in oxygen.  Say goodbye to that healthy vegetable diet.  It would be very difficult for the average human to survive in those conditions.

Some like to teach that God wakes you in the morning.  But really it has a lot to do with your melatonin and serotonin levels in your brain.  Melatonin is a hormone in the brain that helps regulate sleep.  It is produced mostly during the shadow hours.  Your body reacts to light and darkness.  It is no coincidence that you are likely to rise when sun appears to rise in the morning when you have what is considered a normal sleeping pattern.  Melatonin levels deplete during the morning hours.  Unless “God” controls the melatonin switch in the brain, you wake up because of your body’s internal clock.

The point is that nature has a more significant role in your life than God does.  You can live without God but you can’t live without the elements of nature: earth, wind, fire (the sun) and water.  Coincidentally, these are the things the ancients knew you couldn’t live without so they gave reverence to these elements.  They even personified them in their ancestors.  If a person acknowledges these principals, they are looked at as a sinner for giving praise to that which really sustains our lives.  God doesn’t fit in that equation.

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