Hell, Gods and Religion

Whatever gods and religion you follow, it is very likely to include a place of eternal damnation for your transgressions while here in this world of ours.  Have you really looked at this concept and analyzed what that means?  Most have not.  Those that may have either brushed it off as the way it is or have been discontent with the explanations.

According to the major religious doctrines, if you are not obedient to the god or gods of your religion, you are punished a death.  Your spirit or soul is sent to a place where it is tormented for eternity.  The problem with this is that most religions teach of a merciful god.  Being punished for eternity for this short life doesn’t seem merciful at all!

This also doesn’t take into the account that the concept of hell doesn’t coincide with a loving God.  When your children commit a wrong action, do you punish them FOREVER!!!  No!  But our father, called God, punishes us for our transgressions for eternity?  Does that sound merciful?

This is part of the contradiction with gods and religion.  They say that god is just and merciful.  But you can’t be both.  Mercy implies that you show grace or forgiveness for some action.  Just is the root word in justice.  The scales of justice are balanced.  It means that everything is equal.  If god shows mercy to one person and not to another, that is not just.  That’s favoritism.

So if all who commit sin are not punished equally, then god is a separatist.  God discriminates.  Some people find favor implies others don’t.

The reality is that we all live in hell and experience portions of hell in our lives.  Hell mentions burning fire.  There are people who are severely burned or die in fires.  Hell speaks of people with grotesque bodies with strange mangled parts.  That exists here on earth.

Hell is a man-made concept that was created in the hearts and minds of the authors of the scriptures.  It is man-made just like the concept of God we are taught.  It is all fictitious dogma.  This is why there are so many descriptions that only deal with the torment of the physical body.  If you die and leave your body, how do you feel pain?  This is obviously a flaw in the limited thinking of the authors of this nonsense.

The bottom line is that hell, god, heaven, and all the other man-made religious concepts are not true and factual.  They are fabrications created hundreds, even thousands of years ago.  Modern science and technology has taught things that refute many of the religious concepts that we were taught in the past.  Time to give it up.

For more information read What and Where Is Hell? by Dr. Malachi York

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