Ladies! God Wants You To Be Quiet!

It’s always amazingly baffling to me how many African women in America love to praise God and Jesus.  They are very vocal and oftentimes hostile if anyone dares say anything about their sweet Jesus.  They’ll go to their houses of worship and yell and holler and sing and testify all day.  Well according to your bible, which you believe is the word of God, you were never meant to have a voice at all.

1 Corinthians 14:34

” let your women keep silence in the churches; for it is not permitted unto them to speak but they are commanded to be under obedience, as also saith the law.”

That means no testifying, no singing and definitely no preaching and teaching.  Female pastors!  Turn in your Jesus card, you are in violation!

Let’s look at the reality of things here ladies.  The world we have to live in is oppressive to women.  It is all man’s design, even the so-called holy books of every religion were written by men with a man’s agenda.  Control.  That passage from 1 Corinthians was written by one of the biggest deceivers of this European’s Bible.  Saul, later called Paul, was never a disciple of Jesus.  But that’s not all, the letter “P” comes from “B” in Semitic language as in Saul became Paul.  “P” is the change. (Is It Black Man’s Christianity or White Man’s Christianity, pg 37).

According to their bible, he was to carry the teachings to the Gentiles only who were NOT of the house of Israel (Acts 9: 15-16), (Is It Black Man’s Christianity or White Man’s Christianity, pg. 137).  So by what authority did Saul, Paul silence women?  His own.  Paul never even met Jesus directly or indirectly (Is it Black Man’s Christianity or White Man’s Christianity, pg. 138).

Look at the Trinity as taught in Christianity.  Why is it all men? Isn’t it taught that Mary birthed Jesus?  Yet they leave out the most important principle, the feminine.  Why?  More poignantly, why do women of today who proclaim to be so independent and proudly say they don’t need a man worship a man?  Does that seem rational?  Women are the first teachers,  protectors, nourishes, healers, listeners nurturers and caregivers.

So why does religion not teach it is as Quadity instead of a trinity?  Because religion was designed to strip you of your divine link; suppress, depress and oppress your natural ability to reach within yourself and manifest your power.  The holy books of religion were written by weak, scared European men who wanted to rule by force.  “Do this, don’t do that or suffer the wrath of God” another spook male figure.  Enough is enough.

The Master Teacher explains in The Quadity verses 9-11

“are you not at all times in the center with all things around you?  Up, north down south-east to west the four point away from you, and at the same time meet at you.  Where are you?  Are you not here and there at the same time?  While you are over there, under here, around there are you not “A” and are you not “The”?  You are a person, place, a thing.  Can you not be a mother and a daughter and a grandmother and a woman all four in one?  Then is not the Quadity one?  Seen and unseen?”

If you are satisfied being part of religious dogma that sees you as merely an afterthought, then you are not as independent as you think.  You expect the best in life and still settle for less whether you are aware of it or not.  The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z York explains in The Sacred Feminine verses 18-27 “the true matriarch the Sacred Feminine matriarchy from whom the mitochondrial DNA is only found.  She as the mother provided for you while in her womb, she as mother fed you your first provisions once you exodus-ed the sacred garden.  And she is mother Goddess.

When asked who is your God,  Allah, YHWH, Dios or Theos by whatever language, dialect or tone you give the supreme being, you always say my Creator. and who really is your Creator?  Your mother created you in her garden of delight, provider of your first delight and she shaped you.  And she formed you.  And she fashioned you. And she molded you.”  Religion very conveniently for the men left this out.  They gave you the woman from man’s rib story.  Knowing what we know of how life is created, does that even make sense?

Sakhemtat Nadjartat Amuntat

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