Racial Deception: Who You Are VS. What You Are

Has anyone ever asked you,  “What are you? ”  As a child growing up I faced this question from other kids and adults alike.  Even family members made comments I would overhear about my skin tone or eyes as I was lighter than most of them.  I was told I had “chinky” eyes and looked like I was mixed with something.  To me, this was not taken as a compliment.

Though both of my parents are Negroid, for years I entertained the thought that I may have been adopted or even switched at birth!  Many people of all races experience curious onlookers.  Some are just inquisitive while others are being critical of those who look different than themselves.  As I grew up, my exposure to other people and cultures piqued my curiosity to find out indeed, “WHO am I”?

Through my studies in high school of biology and my side hobby and interest in forensic artistry, I learned that facial features are directly related to genetics, race.  I began to notice similar features in other people as well regardless of their race which prompted me to dig even deeper into why we look the way we do.

As a student of cosmetology in my high school years, a portion of our study was dedicated to the bone structure of the face as well as the hair follicle and shaft.  Facial composition is not limited to just the anterior, frontal aspect. I discovered this later in life in college as a student of anatomy and physiology that it includes the entire Qafaf “skull” and the corresponding muscles.

However, while that information was highly valuable to my understanding it pales in comparison to the overstanding of myself and others as taught by The Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Zodok Kobina York.  In his Khather “many” books, Dr. York teaches that we are all mixed though we have our origins in one place and with one race.  He defines what a race in Racial Deception verse 1 as,

“A race is characterized by one genetic trait unique to one specific group of people.”

It is now well known that science confirms that the Nagar-u”Negroid” is the first race to be grown on this Kawak Tahah “planet Earth” and that all others came from this original root seed.  Our Master Teacher taught this long before the mainstream scientists admitted it.  Yet, even without full knowledge of this, it can be reasoned by way of the color wheel we all learned about in art class as children.

The combination of all colors is black and the absence of all color is white and everything in between is a product of the colors lesser than black and greater than white; in turn, black must be the creator of all other colors.  This fact is why I asked the question as a child, “How could Adam and Eve who are always depicted as white create a race of dark people”?

When it comes to race and facial and bodily characteristics, these same principles apply.  White does not create black, Black creates white.  Our Master Teacher details the genetic features of the Nagar-u race in Paa Taraq: Racial Deception verses 7 and 8, “Some traits of this race are thick skin, full lips, melanin-rich skin, a full heel at the back of the foot, a curved jaw bone and large eyes.  There are 9 species or different types of Paa Nagaru Salal “The Negroid Race.”  Genetics and heredity are the reason certain features and behavioral characteristics of the races manifest physically and mentally which is a large portion of what we as Nuwaupians study.  Its all about the genes.

Other races also have unique traits such as the epicanthic fold of the upper eyelid of the Magal-u Salal “Mongoloid Race” and the long torso, low brow and melanin recessive skin of the Cacas-u Salal “Caucasoid Race”.   Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn also explains in Paa Taraq: Racial Deception that the Nagar-u is the only race given hair.  Verse 34 reads,

“As to the Nagar-u Salal your trait and yours only is your Wabar “hair”, none of the other two original races, Magal-u “Mongoloid” or Cacas-u “Caucasoid” have hair.  35. They have Farar “fur”, flat thin straight even curly or hollow, yet not like lamb’s wool.  36. They have goat-like fur as most other animals.  37. Which is a sign of who is in fact the root race with the strongest genes even after much seed mixing.”

So while we all are indeed mixed, the Nagar-u traits cannot be mistaken for they remain dominant.

No matter what region of this world a Nagar-u claims as home, that does not define who they are.  The “who” is genetic.  Being born in Jamaica, Asia or Trinidad does not make you Jamaican, Asian or Trinidadian.  That is the “what”.  Again I reference Racial Deception, verse 20,

“As you also have Asiatics, what does it mean, a person of Asia or an Asian. 21. Is there an Asiatic Negroid or Black Man? 22. Yes, those who migrated from Afaf- Rayay -Kaa “Africa” today eastward. 23. For Asia merely means easterly, Eastern speaking of a person, it’s an easterner.  24. Does that really make them Asiatic Black Men?  25. If you look at it, that is what he is, not who.  26. No matter where you live in this planet, nor how long you will always be who you are, Afaf-Rayay-Kaa-u “Africans”, Nagar-u, Negroids or from Africa.”

In other words, your location has nothing to do with your race and to tell that or believe it or believe in Gods, not of Africa is racial deception.

Sakhemtat Nadjartat Amuntat

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