The Importance of Gods and Goddesses Names In Egypt

In what is called ancient Egypt, there were many gods and goddesses names that where prevalent in the Egyptian culture.  These beings were not spiritual apparitions that are worshiped in many of the religions of today.  In fact, these beings were flesh and blood deities that walked, talked, breathed, lived and left their physical bodies accomplishing. Many of the acts we commit today to sustain ourselves.

The names of these gods and goddesses had meaning.  It is not like today were we just pick a name or groups of sounds and syllables that sound pleasing to our ears.  The Egyptians knew the science of tones, sounds and vibrations.  They knew that a name linked you to every being that has that name dead or alive.

When you are in a crowded room and you hear someone calls your name, everyone with that same name is compelled to turn around and find out who is beckoning them.  You almost always stop what you are doing when someone calls your name, except for your children who call your name thousands of times a day to the point you become deafened by their constant pleas, LOL.  So a name had great meaning and importance.

In the story of Ahset, who they call Isis, she obtained a portion of the name of RE and gained a certain level of power over him.  Again, your name is a tone that is linked to you.  In Egypt, you had a name that was given to your physical self that was used every day.  You also had a name for your spiritual self that was hidden.  This name was whispered in your ear by priests at birth.  It was not known to the public.

Your name connects you with all those who have the name, dead or alive.  In this respect, you have to be careful of who you tie yourself to.  A name can tie you to dead spirit forces.  These spirit forces use you as a portal to fulfill their physical desires on this realm.  Other spirit forces can also be used to guide you in the right direction in life.  If you tie yourself to spirit forces outside of your bloodline, these beings only use you to subsist.  If you tie yourself to spirit forces of your bloodline, you are tying yourself to your ancestors where your true spiritual powers lie.

These are all science that the Egyptians knew.  They knew the powers of their deities, who were their ancestors, had.  They knew that their gods and goddesses lived through them.  This is why they incorporated the names of the deities in their names.  This way they were linked to their ancestors physically through the blood and spiritually through their names, tones, sounds and vibrations.

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