The Spell of Leviathan

When asked what do I believe in, I sometimes have to step back and think about why I’m being asked that question.  The African in America has been conditioned to look outward for a divine sign or power.  This concept which is enforced by the churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and kingdom halls cripples the logical mind of African people.  A crippled mind is a hindrance in every aspect of life.  For the ones who proclaim to be faithful and blessed and those who “give God the glory” ask yourself one question, why do I worship a God that looks nothing like me when this bible tells me I was created in his likeness and why would he show me favor over those of his own race?  To be blessed by this god is to “be-less”.

When we honestly look again at the images we were given to look up to and worship, the lies begin to unravel.  Our Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Zodok Kobina York warns us of this image worship in Actual Fact #8 The Quadity verse 30-33,

“Remember the adversaries, the liars, the wicked, the Paa Tay-num Kha, Canaanites, the haters need you to believe in them, in what they propagate, advocate, teach and preach. They must convince you to trust in them and all they say and do.  You must accept that they mean well with all the evils they do and have done to others.  Don’t let them deceive you;  they are the lawlessness, the people of doom and destruction, he opposes all good and fair play, he exalts himself over every other he wants to be your Lord, landlord, your God, bodyguard your Christ, your prophets, your Mahdi, your preacher, your rabbi ,your Imaam, your Sheikh, your ruler, your leader, your example proclaiming himself to be better in all ways than others he even put himself to be a God.”

We were given an image, a language and religion.  This is the spell, this is the Beast.  What does a beast do?  Kill with no feeling, no remorse, move about the land of gobbling up its natural resources leaving the land barren and desolate.  Like a virus that seeks out a healthy body to infect.  The parasite that attaches itself to the host.  This viral, alien being is a disease to every being it comes in contact with injecting its DNA into the cell to rewrite its function.  It causes the host to succumb to its purpose, survival by reproduction through you.

When you are sick, you seek a cure, treatment.  You want the cause identified and rectified.  It is the same process in breaking the Spell of Leviathan, identity the cause and immunize yourself, protect your being, pass the antibodies to your children and the beast dies off for lack of a willing host.  How do we immunize ourselves?  Separate from him.  Give back his religions, his drugs, his hateful ways, his drink, his pollutants and let go of beliefs that are based on false images of himself as your savior.  Live your factual culture, Wu-Nuwaup.

Sakhemtat Nadjartat Amuntat

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