The Truth About the Religion of Islam

Many people think they know the truth about the religion of Islam.  They have been raised with a certain belief system given to them by their relatives and loved ones.  Or they have converted to a religion in their adult years.  Whether it is Christianity, Islam or Judaism, the truth is they are not what they appear to be.

Islam is a religion that is 1400 years old.  Its prophet was known as Muhammad who was born 570 AD and received his first revelation in the year 610 AD at the age of 40.  Over a span of 22 years, he received 114 chapters from his deity called Allah by way of the angel Gabriel.  Muhammad died as a result of being poisoned in 632 AD.  At that time, his companions who has committed those 114 chapters to memory, started to write them down on anything they could.

19 years later, a man called Uthman (known by some as the third successor to the Prophet Muhammad) decided to consolidate the chapters into one version and ordered the other versions to be destroyed.  What most people don’t know is that there were other versions on the holy book of the Muslims called the Qur’an.  This version that was compiled by Uthman was never viewed by the Prophet Muhammad to authenticate whether the version compiled was actually the same version received by the Prophet Muhammad.

Is the Qur’an authentic?  No one knows.  There is no original Qur’an in book form because there never was one.  This is a question that many are afraid to ask.  There are those who will be angered by these mere facts that I am presenting.  This is the type of ignorance that religion breeds.  If you have the truth, you should be able to defend your teachings with facts, not with violence or hatred.  If you ask a Muslim is there an original Qur’an, they would have to say no!  There is an original copy (sounds like an oxymoron, right).

Is the Qur’an in its present form the same as what the Prophet Muhammad received?  No.  Your Muslim scholars will tell you the 96th chapter, Surah Al Ikhlas, was the first chapter revealed to the Prophet Muhammad.  They will also tell you the chapter that is first, Surah Al Fatiha, which was originally call Surah Al Hamd, was revealed 5th.  Why is it in the present order it is in now?  That’s a question that you should ask the Muslim scholars.  The question then becomes, if the order and at least the name of one chapter was changed, what else was changed?

Overstand, this is not an attack on Islam.  I am merely pointing out certain facts so that you may make you own decision or conclusions.  Most religions, like Islam, are beautiful religions that have been perverted and corrupted by mankind’s wicked nature.  Greed, envy, jealousy, hatred and the likes are ideologies that have crept their way in this religion like it has for most others.  If this works for you, then so be it.  But do know that if you are a person of African descent, Islam is not African.

There is no evidence that suggests that Islam came out of the continent of Africa.  It is an Indo-Arab religion that originated in the Mesopotamian region.  It is not African.  It has adopted some African practices.  You can find the position of prayer on the walls of Egypt in the Hieroglyphs.  It is a hybrid religion that has no true origin.

The point is that we need to truly investigate this religion.  What is it doing for the people?  What is it doing for African people?  You see many African countries who have converted to this religion but what is it really doing for the advancement and progression of African people.  What has the Muslim world done to educate African people?  Nothing!  With all of the money the Arab world makes, what investments do they make in educating so-called Muslims throughout the world?  Look at America.  How many universities has the Arab world invested in educating its converts here in America?  Exactly!  They are not interested in educating people.

Again, with all the money the Arab world makes, it hasn’t invested in its own countries, let alone America.  If you look at the poverty levels in the Arab world, you would think that with all that money made from oil that there people would be straight for generations.  But that isn’t the case.  It is evident that the Arabs who control the wealth are only concerned about maintaining that wealth.  They are not concerned about those who convert to their religion, only themselves.

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