Truth Is Truth About Genetics

I was asked a question the other day on social media about the spirit realm and why some people seem to have experiences with their relatives who have crossed over while others do not.  He also inquired about the different abodes/planes.  In answering based on what we learned in the Actual Fact Emotional Energy and Master’s Secrets: Cycles of Life and Death, someone who was obviously seriously in a religious coma alluded to our discussion of facts being intolerant and racist.

Well, the fact of the matter is the Negroid has tolerated the most inhumane cruel treatment and attempted genocide for 6,000 years.  I was less than amused by this individual’s incoherent rant about how the Caucasian helps other races by teaching his religions.  Needless to say, he was given the facts he needed and hasn’t been heard from since.  No one wins the race in racism but there’s a clear front-runner in stupid.

As Nuwaupians our doctrine of supreme science is all about the origins of everything.  As our Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Z K York has written, “All Space, All Matter, All Time, All in All.”  In order for us to even begin to overstand the “Why” behind certain things like the evil we see and experience, the Master Teacher has us dig deep into the “Who”.  This is the basis of our study when it comes to genetics.  The “Who” reveals the “Why”.  The tendency of genes to pass their characteristics on to their prodigy is called heredity.

There are dominant genes which are stronger, as the name suggests and impose more of their genetic material on a being than the weaker recessive genes which recede or fall back.  The trait of recessive genes is to only show up in uncommon circumstances because they lack the potency, power, and energy to relay their genetic material into a being.  This is why white tigers are rare, but they are also prone to sickness and premature death in comparison to normal tigers.  Weak genes equal a weak being and that is a proven fact.

In our discussion of melanin recessive beings of all kinds, the fact was stated that melanin vibrates at a certain frequency.  Everything vibrates, yet it is the speed of vibration that determines the frequency.  It is the same with sound, low pitch sounds such as the voice of Barry White would register as a faster vibration than the high pitch voice of Justin Timberlake which would be a slower vibration.  This is because of wavelength and how they travel through the air.

The frequency of the melanin-rich Nagar-u “Negroid” is directly related to the ability to reach higher abodes in our atmosphere and connect with our transitioned loved ones.  As Nuwaupians we are taught by our Master Teacher to not have canines in our homes because our ancestors will avoid those places, (see The Master’s Secret series 10, The Cycles of Life and Death).

Genetically the Caucasian is closely related to the canine, “Man’s best friend”.  There’s even a law now allowing one to break a stranger’s car window in order to free a dog left inside in the heat of the day.  All you have to do is take a picture and leave a note.  Still no law against killing a Nagar-u though but I digress.  I suppose the genetic facts being spoken on could have ruffled the feathers.  Yet, without right knowledge and at least a basic overstanding of science in general raw truth can be a hard pill to swallow, but no one forced him to take the medicine.

The Nagar-u however, was indeed force fed the poison of Adamite religions and rule.  As a student of the Master Teacher, I am unapologetically Nuwaupian.  Our doctrine can help anyone who is accepting of truth and facts and respects the genetic hierarchy as it is.  Our studies of the birth of planets, solar systems, atoms, universes, matter and everything under and above the sun is the stuff grand universities are built on.  Our Master Teacher is THE ultimate source of outformation and those who are wise and intelligent enough to be taught by him stand firm in knowing the truth and not believing in lies.

Sakhemtat Nadjartat Amuntat

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