White Is Good

We, the Negroid race, have been fooled into thinking the white is good and black is evil.  Our Master Teacher for our race, Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn, also known as Dr. Malachi K Z York, has written a Paa Taraq entitled “Black Is Evil, White Is Good”.  This is a dynamic book that any student of the Master Teacher must have.

We have been cast under a spell.  It is a spell of spiritual ignorance and racial blindness.  It is a spell where we cannot tell who the enemy is.  We think that everything the Caucasian race gives us is good for us when they have shown through time and age that they do not have our best interests in mind.  But because of this spell, we are subliminally seduced into loving our enemy.

Here’s an example.  Look at the negative connotations of the word black and the positive ones for the word white.  Angel’s food cake is yellow.  Devil’s food cake is chocolate.  Good guys wear white.  Bad guys wear black.  You have the black sheep of the family.  Everything depicted as evil is dark and gloomy.  You have black magic, black cats.  Witches wear black.  Dracula wears black.  You get my point.

This is part of the subliminal seduction that gets you, the Negroid, to hate yourself.  It has worked well for hundreds of years.  This is what our Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi K Z York, has come to reverse.  In reality, white or paleness represents weakness and disease.  Ask any real dietician or natural health specialist about white foods.  Things like white flour, white rice, and white sugar are some of the most detrimental substances you can put in your body.

One of the biggest fallacies that Dr. York has ended with facts is the light versus darkness theory.  It is taught as if light and darkness are equal opposites but they are not.  Light is a thing in darkness.  Light emanates from a source.  This is why during the shadow hour, called night, there is an abundance of visible stars but they exist in a sea of blackness.

Even in the religious schools they teach that God said let there be light.  If God was the one who turned on the light, what state was he in before he flicked the switch?  Exactly, he was in darkness.  So the original thought, the original intellect comes from darkness.  These are actual facts revealed by Dr. Malachi K Z York.

Let us helped dispel the black is evil, white is good myth.  Let’s help spread the actual facts given to us by our Warner, our Reformer, Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn also known as Dr. Malachi K Z York.  Let’s tell the Caucasian world that we have our own intellectual authority who is not one of them but one of us.  We have the power to define who and what we are by our definitions, not theirs.  Stand up for your own.

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