Why Is Black History Important?

Why is Black history important?  If you have not been in the Black community and felt the impact of lack of knowledge of self, this may be an unimportant question.  If you look at the mentality of some of our people, this question is evident.

We have an insufficient amount of information about ourselves.  We have very little knowledge of where we came from and where we are headed.  We as a people are out of our minds.  Our minds have been supplanted by other races of people.  We don’t except our story as told by our own people unless it is approved by some other race.  We let others define what Black history is.

Black history is more than just what happened during slavery until the present day.  It is about our African heritage.  It is about our people from Africa and the great civilizations we built there.  It is about the sciences we founded that are the basis of intellectual conversation to this day.  It is about the discoveries we have made that power the ideas of modern society.  It is about how we are indigenous to every part of the planet because we were here first.

Black people have been greatly misinformed about who and what they are.  If you take a history class in our modern education system, the majority of the characters covered will indefinitely be Caucasian.  This distortion only perpetuates racial inferiority for Blacks.  To learn about Black people, you have to take an African-American History class, separating the African in America from the Caucasian.  There is no equality in education.

It is important for our Black children to have positive images to see and read about.  There is great significance in the image.  Our brains think in images.  We have allowed others to supplant their image in our brains so our children think that in order to be great you have to be like them.  This is why we have little in our community.  This is why our Black people become successful and do little with building an economic base in the black community.  They think that when they achieve “success”, they must spend their money the way the Caucasian spends their money.  It is all part of the spell we are under.

We have to reverse this process by accepting our own images of greatness.  We must teach our children that we have many great Black people, not just those they promote.  We must put emphasis on Black history as we see, not as other races that have no real interest in educating us to a comparable level.  We must create our own standards of education created for us, by us.  We must accept our great Black teachers despite what the mainstream media says about them.  We have to investigate them for ourselves!

Why is Black history important?  It is important because our future depends on it.  The way things are will only ensure our demise.  Singing “We shall overcome” has not worked.  We need to educate ourselves.  We need to teach our children our story, not “his” story.

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