You Evicted Jesus, Now What?

In this, the information age, there’s really no excuse for the inquisitive intelligent minded to ignore the facts.  Our natural environment is changing, medical science is practicing things that were unheard of 20 years ago.  Information is all around us and not just in books: music, documentaries, social media and even memes.  The truth always emerges.  The facts remain constant regardless of acceptance.  For the African in America who has been raised on the God, Son, Holy spirit concept of religious propaganda, the realization of the truths that were hidden can be a liberating and emotionally taxing experience.

To come to know the depths of the lies gives new meaning to “rude awakening”.  Some people may even have family members that are still caught up under the spell and pull away or you avoid them.  They still try to take you to church or talk about a spook God when you’ve already had enough.  You begin to use your mind to analyze and investigate instead of blindly believing.  For the many who are waking up and uncovering the rabbit hole of deception, they are also uncovering the buried truths.

Africans have always had a connection to the spirit realm.  It is a science behind this, not spookism or rituals involving flesh and blood sacrifices.  Those are the lower forces of the Caucasian race that he needs to feed his ancestors.  That is how the Caucasian was able to bury OURstory and replace it with his, prey upon our natural ability to connect with our ancestors, call it paganism, and then transfer his fear onto us of a burning hell, and guilt if we question or reject his religions.

Still, the intelligent mind always prevails.  It will eventually regurgitate the lies of religion.  Many have done that and want to know what’s next.  If no religion, no hell, no heaven then what happens?  Where do we go?  As Our Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Zodok Kobina York said, “Give them back their Jesus and return to your ancestors. ”  Nowadays we know that life, civilization, art, hygiene, science, language, and writing all originated in Egipt.

This is not something that can be hidden anymore because as the Caucasian has so diligently dug up our ancestors and OURstory, he has simultaneously dug up his.  What does The Master Teacher mean by return to your ancestors?  What is an ancestor? defines an ancestor as a person from whom one is descended.  Scientifically, those who have given of their DNA to create you.  You are a sum total of their genetic material meaning they live on through you. Returning to them as The Master Teacher taught is by living our way. Paa Taraq, “The Way.”

Paa Taraq is Nuwaupic for “The Way”.  Breaking the religious spell of ignorance is more than just rejecting  European history and learning about Egipt and pharaohs and wearing an Ankh.  There is a way of life to re-learn, our language, our culture, our ethics, how we perfect our being while on this physical abode.  In The Master’s Secrets: Cycles of Life and Death, Our Master Teacher explains what we live every day as Nuwaupians. Verses 1-5 read “Ley-kuum, Nuwaup-u Kharad-u “For all you Nuwaupian children” of the Rayay “Sun”, know these things about yourself as everyone keeps asking “what is your religion”?

Well NUPU is the mental resurrector; it is the new Hebrewism, the new Christianism, and the new Islamism, able to break the sleek of those triads of the Aadam-u “Adamite” religions used over 4,000 years to separate you from your Samen “Divine self”.  Aadam-u “Adamites” or Laben Salal “White race” teachings is to worship their image and act like them based on faith, belief, and no facts or confirmations.

You are ordered by their self-made laws to believe in Shayannus”nothingness” that they call God, deity or spookism.  NUPU breaks that spell of Hajay Shalal Tajhal “Spell of Ignorance” with actual facts, what is present and future, your Qadur “Fate” not Thaqaq “belief”.  And Wu-Nuwaup is the science of sound right reason; it is our Animism, a Latin word Anima, meaning “Soul” and in Nuwaupic it’s Baaah “Soul”.  We are soul people by race.”

Wu-Nuwaup restores us to our right state of mind.  As Africans of one mind, we built the greatest civilizations, kingdoms, and monuments, our ancient spiritual science was and is the way and it was given back to us by Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn, “The Master: Yaanuwn”.  Wu-Nuwaup does not ask or require the worship of spooks or a God as religions of the Cacas-u “Caucasoid” do.

Our Master Teacher came to reform the African in America back to our rightful place. Cycles of Life and Death verse 243, “You become a Nabab “Master” of both heaven and earth or both realms; 360 degrees of this realm, the physical and 360 degrees of the spiritual realm, that’s 720 degrees making you a deity.  Nuwaupians,  you perfect yourself in this life by way of Paa Taraq “The Way” and you will perfect yourself in your next and eternal living.”  If we don’t live our culture, who will?

Sakhemtat Nadjartat Amuntat

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