Books on Black History

What is “black history”?  When does “black history” begin?  Growing up, most of the books on black history I read as a child dealt with African people from slavery and beyond.  It’s like black people didn’t exist until Europeans “discovered” us and brought us out of the shadows of Africa to America.

This is the type of misinformation Dr. Malachi York is here to dispel.  We as African people, whether in Africa or in Diaspora, were on this planet first.  We are the mothers and fathers of civilization.  We have been fooled to think the ancient Egyptians were Caucasian.  They had Elizabeth Taylor play the African ruler Cleopatra in a movie.

When it comes to books on black history, there are many out there that explore the culture and history of Africa people prior to slavery.  In particular, Dr. York has a series of books called the “Right Knowledge” Series that goes into the real story of our people prior to the Biblical and Koranic concepts of creation.

Dr. York has written a book on our true black history called “Our True Roots”.  In it he explains how we as a people are under a hypnotic spell.  This spell referred to as the Spell of Sleep, the Spell of Leviathan (the great serpent mentioned in Revelation chapter 12), or the Spell of Amam (Egyptian word meaning “the devourer”).

This spell has our people in a state of hypnosis.  We are not even aware of what is going on around us.  We’re not aware of who we are or who we once were.  We are in a state of amnesia.  We have forgotten our true identity of self and kind.

Dr. York goes on to explain how this spell is enforced.  He says that the media and religious propaganda that promotes the scriptures like the English mistranslations of the Bible and Koran are the spellbinding textbooks that encourage blind faith and beliefs with no confirmation.  He says that the spell is enforced by these fake religions and white supremacy propaganda, what Dr. York refers to as “White Magic”.

He goes on to explain our Egyptian roots long before the 6,000 year Biblical account.  He explains where the Bible and Koranic stories come from.  In this book Dr. York reveals that he is come to disclose the hidden past, the changing present and the ruling future.

If you are looking for books on black history, “Our True Roots” is definitely a must have.  It is time to remove all the misinformation about our people and our origin.  It is time for us to wake up out of our hypnotic state and remember from whence we came.  It is evident that the “White Magic” has had a great effect on our people.  It is time to use our powers of “Black Magic” to dispel this evil hypnotic spell on the minds of our people.  The alarm clock is ringing.

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