Do The Nuwaubian Books Make a Difference?

If you have heard of Dr. Malachi York, you have heard of Nuwaubian books.  Dr. York is the author of these Nuwaubian books and the founder of the spiritual science called Nuwaubu or Nuwaupu.  But what is really in these books and do they really make a difference in terms of changing an individual’s perception of the world?

When I first read Dr. York’s books, I was a skeptic.  I was raised a Christian.  I was taught that Jesus was the way.  As I got older and began to study different things outside of Christianity, I learned that the Jesus that is portrayed is not the same as the Jesus of the scriptures.  This started my journey which lead me to the Nuwaubian books.

Many of my first books by Dr. York dealt a lot with Christianity.  I studied the different aspects of Christianity and Jesus.  What I learned was that I had been fooled.  Yes, the Jesus of the scriptures was a dark skinned, wooly haired man, according to the scriptures.  Jesus was married according to the scriptures.  Jesus followed the laws of Moses and never told anyone to divert from this law according to the scriptures.  These were just some of the scriptural facts I learned in the Nuwaubian books.

For me, my pride in whom and what I am has been restored through the books by Dr. York.  Dr. York is an African who is for the progression of African in America and throughout the world.  We as Africans in America have been educated (what Dr. York defines as edited dictation) by other races.  When we do learn for our own, it is by our own people who teach doctrines that are from other races.  These other races do nothing to really teach information that will progress that African in America to a point beyond the glass ceiling that we live under.

I recently watched this documentary on how our education system is basically a giant Ponzi scheme that will eventually have a greater economic impact than the housing market crash.  Not only do they teach individuals information to obtain a degree that in most cases doesn’t lead them to a job, they often graduate with a debt that has them working as an indentured servant for the majority of their lives.  Through the Nuwaubian books, I have learned from Dr. York that it is better to learn information that will enable you to do for self.  You can start your own business as opposed to working for someone else.

Do the Nuwaubian books make a difference?  The answer is definitely yes!  If you are not content with mainstream society and the propaganda it promotes, you need to check out some of the books by Dr. York.  These Nuwaubian books are some of the most dynamic books I have ever read.  Mainstream society is only interested in you becoming a sheep which feeds the system.  They are not truly interested in free thinkers.  They want you to go to college, get an degree and work until you retire while you have accumulated a mountain of debt which forces you to have to work in this perpetual system of indentured servitude.  If this is not for you, read some of the Nuwaubian books to gain a different perspective.

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