Does God Take Sides?

The murderous events in South Carolina and other southern regions of America are prompting some to flock to religious leaders for answers, while some withdraw for lack of answers.  Many protest, black and white.  They appeal to the very officials and law makers who enact and enforce the corruption and call it law.  Social media has exploded with new black power groups and white power groups.  All the while, both sides seeing their cause as just and asking for their God to to side with them, advance their initiative at the expense of the other side.  So how does this God decide, by flip of a coin?

In Actual Fact #8: The Quadity verse 9, The Master Teacher, Dr Malachi Z K York, explains what this God is and is not, “The God Who Does Not Know And Lies: in their holy books their God asks questions like, “‘ Where art thou? “‘  Genesis 3:9 as Adam hides from him as he walks on Earth in the garden.  And ” Who told thee thou art naked? “‘ Genesis 3:11 and so many other times this God did not know all things.  Also he told Adam a lie and said, “For in THE DAY that thou eatest from the tree thou shalt surely die.”‘ Genesis 3:6.  Adam and Eve both ate of it but did not die that day.  That was a lie”. This God is not all knowing as religion dictates.  He is, however, a means to an end and has been highly effective for 6000 years, control by way of fear.

The moment anyone uses the European power word “God”, that very tone strikes fear and awe in the hearts and minds of a people who have been denied the facts and told not to question.  What facts?  Facts such as the German origin of the word God from “gut” meaning good.  People even say, “I just have a gut feeling”.  A saying used to express a moment of unexplained clear vision, clairvoyance.  Another fact, we also find the word God is composed of three Greek words which denote singularly human characteristics; Gomer=wisdom, Oz (Uz)=strength, Dabar=beauty.  Religion dictates that their bible was originally written in Hebrew, have you ever asked then what are the German and Greeks doing in it?

Have you ever considered, before professing to be a “child of God”, what type of father has he been?  Not just to you, but to all his creation as religion tells it.  He lies, he has been absent, he has broken promises, and he is full of hate.  How is he full of hate?  “And I shall put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; and it shalt bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise thy heel.”, Genesis 3:15.  So from what religion tells you is the very beginning, God did not want peace.  Enmity means hate.  He did not only want hate for that one generation, but for all future generations, “her seed” according to their bible.

The taking down of the Confederate flag which prompted the growing visibility of the KKK, racially charged murders, police officials going unpunished for killing citizens and use of excessive force, and some even receiving commendations for valor, the prayers of those with deathly ill family going unanswered and if an unlikely recovery is made, it’s called a miracle.  Why if God is “good all the time”?  Why is a seeming act of God doing good looked at as a rare occurrence?  Why does he not intervene more often? Is it a test of your faith?  And if you believe so, why would this so called almighty, singular God as he’s called need to test anything? Test against what?  Ask the questions, investigate, research, and you’ll see the lies as lies and the facts will remain.

Sakhemtat Nadjartat Amuntat

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