How Did We Get Here?

Ask any religious African woman or man in America about the beginning and the response will involve the Adam and Eve story and a God creating an entire universe and people by a wave of his hand as well as a talking snake messing it all up and that is why we suffer to this day; because the woman called Eve listened to this snake who somehow had vocal cords.

For one moment let’s look at things from a logical standpoint of how life is created.  Every human on this planet Earth has parents.  A mother being XX and father being XY, that we can all agree on as scientific fact.  You know you are here and live, breathe, exist.  Your parents came together mixed DNA and created you.  That is natural nature and the reality of creation.  Your mother’s body transformed inside and out to create every cell in your body that composes organelles to organs to organ systems to an organism to become you.

Looking at the story in Genesis 1 about creation, many questions can and should be asked as to its validity.  Elementary level science and reason learned in school taught that there is a process to proving any theory to be true.  Until proven, it is invalid, non-factual, fiction until confirmed.  The process is defined as that which is measurable and repeatable.  Since no one has yet to prove the very existence of the God, Allah, YHWH, etcetera, we were given another concept based on nothing called faith and belief.  So to say you believe in God is to say you can’t confirm the existence of the unconfirmed, nor can you test the theory.  The problem with these words “belief” and “faith” is their attachments to religion.  They prevent followers from investigation and seeking to prove these theories of theology as facts.  Religion binds the logical mind and transforms it into an illogical mind devoid of the desire to even ask questions.  It makes you afraid of being seen as blaspheming.  Historically, murderous examples were made of anyone who went against the church; that fear has been passed on to today.

In Genesis 1, which religion dictates is the beginning of creation story, we read “In the beginning, God created heaven and Earth.”  Stop right there.  For now, we will assume this God is one being as is taught instead of many as explained in Hebrew Strong’s #H430 as Eloheem which is plural.  God created heaven first.  From what?  The word create comes from the Latin creare which means “to form out of nothing.”  Well, what is “nothing”?  If you decide to create your own child, egg and sperm are needed.  Before that, the idea to create the child has to exist first, which is a something, the sum of a thing.  So though that child has not yet been created, he or she exists in the mind of the parents.  No-thing into sum-thing.

Hebrew Strong’s #H1254 explains the word create is “bara” which means “to cut down,  select,  feed (as a formative process).  The Chaldean lexicon defines it as “fut” meaning form by cutting, to cut out or pare down, to plane or finish and polish.”  This is done now with plants and humans by way of genetic manipulation.  Now let’s look at the word heaven in Hebrew Strong’s #H8064, its “shamayim” which is a dual word meaning “sky”. So it already existed because Christians say their God is in heaven.  So he was already confined in this place that they claim he created according to what is written.  Now take the word Earth, Hebrew Strong’s #H127 explains as “Ad-a-ma” which means “red and ruddy”.  So what is Genesis 1 really talking about?

This God (Gods) genetically manipulated the grafting of the Caucasian race (Adamite) by use of elements (components of space and DNA) that were already here.  He could not “polish and finish” what does not already stand as rough and unfinished.  So where did the DNA come from?  As has been finally admitted by scientists, the oldest race on this planet Earth is the Nagar-u “Negroid”.  So this creation story is, in fact, the creation of a separate race of beings, the Caucasoid.  It has nothing to do with with the beginning of the African or the descendants.  Meaning this God and the rest of the stories stemming from him are not the stories or family of the Negroid people.

Now that we see where the red and ruddy race comes in to play, from where did the original seed of the Nagar-u “Negroid” come who lived long before the grafted Caucasoid?  The Master Teacher, Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn explains:

The Master’s Secrets, The Cycles of Life and Death” verses 16-17,

“You are the Supreme Black people grown on this planet called Sector 24, District 24, and Project 24.  You are its time keepers and are assigned Mukwan-u “Beings” of old, 24 Muqdal-u “Elders” as Mundjar-u “Overseers”, 12 feminine from Sabat-aat “Sirius”, 12 masculine from Saaah-aat “Orion” star system.”

Dr. York continues:

“The Master’s Secrets, The Cycles of Life and Death” verse 28,

“Absolute nature is all Nagar-u “Negroids” and all places, and all things before others,  in past, present and future. Then-Now-Then.”

The phrase “Then-Now-Then” means “then” as in past events “back then when I was a kid”, “now” as in currently “now its raining”, and “then” in the future tense as in “clean your room, then you can play.”  Back to verses 29-30,

“The Master’s Secrets, The Cycles of Life and Death” verse 29-30

“Space cannot exist without material because nothingness existed before something or the first atomic sum or weight of, hydrogen H1.  And if there were no material matter ever, there would never be any consciousness to know and announce that space exists”.

These are the truths of creation.  It is a scientific, evidence-based process involving atoms to cells just as in elements to compounds and growth into being.  Religion, its leaders, and its books cannot sensibly explain creation because they lack the scientific knowledge.  They are based on spookism and fear of an unseen Shayannus “nothingness” called “God”.  As students of Wu-Nuwaup, we study sound, right reason, scientific facts of our past, present and future which enable the mind to break the spell of the religions of the Adama-u (Adamites) which were created to make you worship their image and their Gods and separate you the Negroid from your own divinity.  The  Nagar-u “Negroids” are the natural inhabitants that grew on this planet with natural nature.

“Racial Deception” verse 117,

“I, Paa Nabab: Yaanuwn, “The Master: Yaanuwn” as your Mujdad “Renewer” of your story have come to prepare you, in order to make your transformation back to the Samen “Divine”.

Sakhemtat Nadjartat Amuntat

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