Paa Taraq, The Way, Reveals the Ancient Ways of Nuwaupu

Dr. Malachi K. York has revealed a term to the world called Nuwaupu.  It is an ancient African science which has not been fully disclosed to the world.  Some of this ancient science is being revealed in a series of books called Paa Taraq, The Way, Revelation of the Nuwaupians.

Many who have been students of Dr. Malachi York may be familiar with the term NuwaupuDr. York has written a book entitled “What is Nuwaupu?”  This African spiritual science was first revealed to us in the 1960’s.

Since then Dr. York has written hundreds of books on various subjects.  Now a true moral code, a true way of living which is for Africans world over and all others who accept our true way of life, Paa Taraq.  We have for too long lived in the image and likeness of other races and other cultures.  We have accepted their dress, their diets, their languages, their gods, their customs, etc.  And what has it done for us?  Nothing but inequality and hatred.

We have accepted the “brain dirtying” lies and fictions taught to us by other races of people and those of our race who have converted to hate self and kind.   We gave up facts for faith.  We gave up math for myth.  We gave up being god to worshiping a god that has no connection to us or our ancestry.  Nuwaupu is here to reverse this backward thinking.  Paa Taraq is here to truly teach us how to get back in our right state of mind.

The Actual Fact “Genetic Kiss” written by Dr. Malachi York teaches us that we have a genetic code that goes back four generations.  These four generations include 30 individuals, from your mother and father to their mothers and fathers, etc.  Each of these 30 individuals are 30 different personalities that may arise from time to time, depending on what you do to trigger them.  Paa Taraq is the what is needed to silence the 30 personalities to get to that one voice, you.

No more do we have to listen to liars who only wish to rule and control the masses with their made-up stories called religion.  Nuwaupu is here!  Paa Taraq is here!  The Way to salvation is here!  Free your mind from the mental enslavement of religion and let Nuwaupu guide to Paa Taraq, The Way.

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