Extraterrestrials on Earth

Are there extraterrestrials on Earth?  For many, the evidence overwhelmingly suggests YES!  For over 30 years, Dr. Malachi York has written about the existence of extraterrestrials on Earth in many of the hundreds of books he has written.  In a series of books called the Supreme Mathematics, Dr. York gives some in depth knowledge of the role these extraterrestrials not only play in our society today but in the very creation of life on this planet.

In one of the Supreme Mathematics, “Shamballah and Aghaarta Cities within the Earth”, Dr. York explains about the extraterrestrial beings that live within the Earth’s caverns in underground cities.  He gives detailed descriptions of these beings and even how some humans today are genetically linked to these beings.

In the Supreme Mathematics, “Science of Creation”, Dr. York explains how our sun formed, how our planet formed, how life evolved from single cell organisms and what role extraterrestrials played in all of this.  He explains how life was transported here by extraterrestrials inside of a dolphin.   If you look up the meaning of the word dolphin, you’ll find it means “womb”.

In the Supreme Mathematics, “Melaninite Children”, Dr. York details how beings here on Earth are children of extraterrestrials who imparted them with the gift of melanin.  If explained how different races on Earth came from different groups of extraterrestrials from different galaxies.

In the Supreme Mathematics “Mission Earth and the Extraterrestrial Involvement”, Dr. York expounds on how extraterrestrials were involved in the creation of man.  He explains that these extraterrestrials left their mark on the planet Mars, where there is a Egyptian styled city that NASA took photographs of in 1976.  There is so much more in this Supreme Mathematics.

Are there extraterrestrials on Earth?  These Supreme Mathematics series of books by Dr. Malachi Kobina York clearly and plainly defines how there are extraterrestrials on Earth.  Not only are there extraterrestrials on Earth, we are the descendants of these extraterrestrials.  Many of us are genetically linked to them.  This is why religions can’t explain why we have different blood types if we came from the same two people, Adam and Eve.

Again, there is overwhelming evidence that there are extraterrestrials on Earth.  Dr. York provides an abundance of that evidence in the Supreme Mathematics series.  Once you peer into these dynamic books, you two will look at stars differently.  You will come to one conclusion, there are extraterrestrials on Earth.

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