What Is God Doing For You Now?

As society’s reality of racial adversity is becoming more prevalent, black people in America are faced with some challenging circumstances that should shake the foundation of their belief.  It is no secret that we as Africans in America have adopted the religion of our slave masters.  This is a concept that is addressed in the book by Dr. Malachi Z York, What Is God Doing For You?

Really, what is God doing for you?  Have you ever thought about that?

When Dylann Roof shot and killed nine people in a church, did you ask where God was?  I mean in church where people were praising God, people died at the hands of a sick racist individual who worships the same God, mind you!  Not to mention the racist ideologies of Christians like Dylann Roof who founded this country while enslaving people and justifying it by calling them less than human.

So what did God do for those people in church?  Is not God the protector of his people?  Doesn’t the good of God overpower the evil of racists like Dylann Roof?  Or do you have to admit that God did nothing for those people.  Why?  Because the God we were given by the racist founding fathers who enslaved African people and taught us to believe was never for us.

Look at this analogy.  If humans were kidnapped by Martians and taken to Mars, enslaved, beaten, forced into slave labor and treated like farm animals, would you worship the God of the Martians?  Hell no, right?  But we worship the God of the Martians called Europeans who kidnapped us from Africa and did all the previously listed atrocities to African people.

Think of the victims of a sick man like Ariel Castro.  How crazy would it be if these young women would try to coexist with Ariel Castro, worship his God, fight to live in his house equally, wanted their fair share of the groceries, etc.  If they were on television fighting for those “rights”, people would think they were insane to want to continue to cohabit with this beast of a man.

But African people fight to live, comingle, cohabit, coexist, work with, and even marry Ariel Castro like people and their descendants.  They fight to worship the Ariel Castro God.  They love their Ariel Castro type slave masters and fight, kill, and die for him and his God.  What is this God doing for you?

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